Resurfacing after a lull…


I know that it’s been almost three months(*Gasp!!*) since I last posted anything. I have come to realize that it’s almost impossible to pen down anything when/if I am uninspired. Today, I am definitely psyched up to let you in on what I’ve been up to in the past few weeks. My busiest school period ended(I am so grateful for that!). I witnessed my friend Solomon exchanging vows with the love of his life Liz.

Another friend, Elijah, also wedded his sweetheart Christine.
It was a joy to behold the union of such beautiful souls. It makes me rather excited at the prospect of marriage. It was also wonderful to catch up with long lost friends at the wedding receptions.

In typical fashion, the girls and I went on a random road trip to Jinja. We got to Jinja fashionably late after braving an almost 8-hour downpour. Talk about being a die-hard! Sarah, the bravest of us all, decided to bungee-jump at Adrift Safaris. Yours truly cannot swim. I could not therefore fathom myself bungee-jumping. I was so afraid that I would have peed in my pants if they’d forcefully put me on the ropes to jump. No, I think peeing is too minuscule to describe my reaction. I would have died. Literally! Anyhow, Sarah did the DEED! She jumped. And she got out soaking wet much to her chagrin. Here she is doing a victory dance.





We proceeded to have a late lunch at the Jinja Nile Resort. Here is the spectacular view of the River Nile as it flows from its source in Jinja to Egypt.


In tandem with my event filled life, it would be unkind of me not to let you in on the other “fun” stuff I’ve been up to. Eva is back in the country and last weekend, we treated ourselves to lunch at Mama Ashanti, a Nigerian restaurant in town(We unashamedly love our food. I am a foodie and I have no qualms about it). Anyway, Eva and I finally had a taste of “jollof rice”, boneless fish and plantain. We get you now Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie! I have finally seen with my own eyes and tasted with my mouth the Nigerian cuisine I so vicariously read about in your book “Americanah”. And it is great! After lunch with Eva, I proceeded to the National Theater to attend the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts. I bumped into good friends from the past (Ginny Abimanya, Pule Belinda, Phillip Muhiire, Guy Mambo, Ngabirano Lillian and Emma. It was lovely seeing you all). I particularly enjoyed Jungle’s performance(a hip-hop artist from Busoga). It was refreshing to see a young artiste tackle social issues like poverty and corruption through verse. Clearly, the audience was enchanted by his energetic, crafty display of lyrical prowess. Backed by Milege Afro-jazz Band and the Undercover Brothers, he powered through educational songs rich in Luganda and Lusoga proverbs.





In less happy news, my cousin Zoka has been admitted at Mulago National Referral Hospital. He was diagnosed as being hemophiliac. My parents and I went to see him this afternoon. I was saddened by the state in which the hospital is in. I’ve always hated hospital trips but today’s visit compounded my dislike for them even further. Strolling through the main entrance of the hemophilia ward, you are immediately confronted by the rank odor of the general surroundings. It is obvious that the space is not enough to contain the vast number of people that need medical help. Patients and caretakers alike lay sprawled on the hospital floor. The luckier ones are fortunate enough to get a bed on which to lie. We pass by two women hawking food that the caretakers swarm to buy. They cannot bring their own cooking equipment to the hospital. I am tempted to take pictures and write an article in one of the dailies decrying the horrible state of the hospital facilities. The sad faces of the sick men confined on the torn mattresses break my heart into a million pieces. How can a government that confesses to be people-centered leave its citizens to languish in abject poverty and die on cold hospital floors? I shuddered to think of what would happen if there wasn’t enough money to pay for my cousin’s little private room in the corner of that ward. It would be a different story. I am praying for those souls in dire need in the hospital; that help will come their way.


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  1. Sarah, my daughter, this is a delightful read. I am glad that you are taking time to enjoy the goodness in life. Just yesterday I saw a Facebook video of such a bungee jump as you described. While I can swim, you would have to pay me much money to do such a deed. 🙂

    My prayers go out to your cousin, and please do write that hospital article.

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